Money Confidential: Identifying Your Financial Priorities

Money Confidential, Unless you're extremely fortunate (and extremely wealthy), you probably don't have enough money to buy everything.

Money Confidential, Unless you’re extremely fortunate (and extremely wealthy), you probably don’t have enough money to buy everything you want or need, especially at critical junctures in your life. 온라인카지노

That’s the situation this week’s guest, Tessa (not her real name), 32, from Chicago, is in as she tries to save for a wedding, a house, and possibly children within the next year.

“It’s really scary for me because I’ve always been a saver,” she says. “And now it’s like, OK, we want to buy a house

Which will be pretty much all of my savings, and then we’ll probably recoup a tiny bit of money from our wedding, but that’s a huge chunk of money that’s going out the door.

How do you decide where to spend your money when you have so many competing priorities?

Money Confidential host Stefanie O’Connell Rodriguez sought advice from financial expert Sahirenys Pierce, founder of Poised Finance Lifestyle.

Pierce suggests starting with what is most important to you, rather than what is most important to society as a whole.

Once you’ve determined what’s most important to you, consider how you can best achieve those objectives.

Sometimes that means shifting your timeline a little, as Pierce did by extending her engagement to give herself more time to save for her wedding. 카지노사이트

In other cases, it may be necessary to develop a short-term side hustle to supplement your savings. We’re not doing side hustles forever, Pierce explains.

They’re here to help us get out of debt, save for a wedding, or build up an emergency fund, and then we need to build a more sustainable system.

Even if you prioritize your money, there is room for flexibility. Sometimes you need to pause on a goal, but you want to make sure you’re still funding it and reminding yourself.

This is something I want to work towards, Pierce says. This is why I’m sacrificing over here so I can keep achieving this goal over here.

Check out this week’s Money Confidential episode, How do I save for a wedding, a house, and a family—all at the same time?

To learn more about how to balance competing spending priorities and achieve your goals. Money Confidential is available on Apple Podcasts, Amazon, Spotify, Player FM, Stitcher, and other podcast platforms. 카지노 블로그

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