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How to Shop Safely at Farmers Markets This Summer

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How to Shop Safely ,It`s possible to still shop farmers markets safely during coronavirus, and as long as you feel comfortable,

How to Shop Safely ,It`s possible to still shop farmers markets safely during coronavirus, and as long as you feel comfortable, you should—they’re a primary source of income for many local farmers, after all, and offer some of the freshest produce. 안전한 카지노사이트

Your local market may be open, but you should take some additional precautions before you grab your reusable bag and visit on a Saturday morning.

Make a shopping list before you leave.

We get it—picking up an unexpected, new-to-you veggie (daikon radishes, anyone?) to cook for dinner that night is half the fun of going to a farmers market.

However, this is not the time to wander aimlessly through vendor stands. With public safety in mind, farmers markets such as TD Saturday Market in Greenville

S.C.—which is operating at half-size this summer (it usually has 75 vendors) and has rebranded as TD Essential Market for the time being—are posting vendor maps on their websites and social media for shoppers to review ahead of their visit.

When shoppers see a map before arriving at the market, they know where the vendors are and what they will be offering

And it allows for that constant flow, says Cameron Campbell, the market’s special events coordinator for the City of Greenville.

Make extra time.

Limiting the number of shoppers, as regular grocery stores do, helps to keep farmers markets safer. This does, however, imply that you should allow more time for your visit in case you have to wait in line to enter the market.

According to Campbell, event staff at TD Essential Market, for example, have transformed the formerly open market into an enclosed one with only two access points.

The number of people who come in and out is controlled by staff, and the entrance and exit are in the same location.

With only 80 to 100 people allowed in at a time, depending on the time of day, customers must wait in socially separated lines for their turn (and sometimes it takes a while

Considering about 2,000 shoppers have turned out on Saturdays since the market reopened in early June).

Standing 6 feet apart makes it difficult to see where the line is, so be patient and cooperative with other shoppers while you wait.

Only shop with your eyes.

We’re all used to being able to pick our own produce based on how it feels—tomatoes that give slightly to the touch, peaches that aren’t squishy—but for the time being, farmers markets are hands-off.

We really need customers to avoid touching produce,” says Katie Davis, a board member of The Market at Pepper Place and director of operations at Jones Valley Teaching Farm (a market vendor).

While it may seem strange, you’ll need to trust vendors to pick out the produce you want; ask (nicely) for what you’re looking for.

How to Shop Safely, Then, hold your bag out and gently open it to allow the vendor to place your items inside.

(While environmentally friendly reusable bags are usually required when shopping at farmers markets, Davis says it’s OK to use single-use containers right now for everyone’s safety.)

Follow the lead of the vendors.

Mask laws vary by state, but it’s best to wear a mask when shopping at farmers markets, especially if everyone else is.

All vendors at TD Essential Market are required to wear masks and gloves, and all customers are encouraged to do the same. 카지노사이트

“It’s important to mirror the growers’ practices and the things they’re comfortable with,” Davis says. “If your vendor is wearing a mask, you should, too.”

Consider payment in advance.

Before you go, see if you can pay digitally. Many vendors at The Market at Pepper Place have switched to a cashless app or are encouraging customers to prepay online whenever possible in an effort to move away from a cash-based system.

TD Essential Market also actively promotes vendor preordering; if you choose this option, your order will be bagged with your name on it and ready for pickup, according to Campbell.

If you must pay in cash, try to bring exact change to avoid extra money handling.

Prepare your meals ahead of time.

Tasting a crisp apple or biting into a tangy blueberry is a great way to ensure you’ll like what you buy. But no snacking while browsing this year.

For the time being, markets have widely suspended any product sampling and vendors serving food prepared on-site at farmers markets. 카지노 블로그

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